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Tyrick Aydon Govender

Hey you know, just when I thought he will be interested in being a talented photographer like his dad, he chooses to become a talented little drummer boy. My ten year boy TYRICK AYDON GOVENDER, is indeed quite good at this new drumming experience, we are going through. His chill area at home is almost a fully fledged music room, with powered speakers, amplifiers, twin CD / docking station, electric guitars. Well, someday I could be the manager of his garage band. watch this space…anand.

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  1. tyrick Govender says:


  2. Hi Dude

    You are not supposed to leave your own comment, others will do it for you, silly punkhead.


  3. manogariMangarim says:

    Ahh , cute man , little T is sure talented 🙂 at first i thought it was another kid and then it dawned on me , no this has to be Anand’s son , real Kewl……. 🙂
    loving the great space you have there wow

  4. Anand says:

    Howzit. yep he is cool…he is also learning the electric guitar now, so i have my fair share of noise around the home.


  5. tyrick Govender says:


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