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Saian- The Kung Fu Panda Party

1 Year ago today baby
You came into this world
You made mommy and daddy so happy
and filled us with more love than we have ever known.
Watching you grow and learn is the most amazing thing
From finding your toes to wearing your walking shoes
Our life is complete with you baby
and it just would not be the same with out you.
Today we celebrate your very first birthday son
We cherish our past memories and anxiously await our future ones.
It is a very special day, your birthday
For today is the day we were given the miracle that is you
I hope you enjoy your first birthday baby
but there are many more to come.
Each one just as special as your very first one

This young lad, arrived after sixteen years to, two amazing and wonderful people that I recently met. Marsh and Anita Padayachee, have been blessed with the arrival of their baby boy Saian who turn one on the 12 January 2013.

The stylish and sophisticated event was celebrated at the popular Collisheen Estate on the North Coast of Natal. This bash had it all, from the best in decor, the full kiddies trendy set up, huge life size cut mounts of Saian and The Kung Fu Panda theme, a local DJ called Bunnie (a good friend of Marsh), Fine food, entertainment and Eastern Mosaic’s Jailoshini Naidoo.

Full marks once to Amanda and her team at Collisheen.

I have to admit that the presence of Bhagwan Shree Satya Sai Baba, was also ever so strong in this event…..anand, i take pictures….

To secure the grace of God one must adhere to right conduct and observe purity in thought, word and deed…Baba.

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