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noun 1 a strong ability to achieve something. 2 the thing desired (especially to persuade people to believe in your work).


verb ( ah’-nin) artist, unique, talented, distinct 1 photo guru, inspired to capture images, beyond beauty. 2 Trusted as the Van Gogh of photographers. 3 ability to combine fine art, fuse with Italian sense and produce images that are distinct. (creator of the wedding story)


noun 1 the profound study of human beings, their customs and cultures. ( most common amongst photo guru’s)

The audio/video sense

– exclusive courting scenes with baby photos, played on large format screens. – multi camera video presentations.
– Interviews of couple and guests.
– Special video thanks you messages.

An occasion forever…

Splendour, ambivalence and sensuality, all of which intrigue, is now able to be captured to hold as memories, of a perfect day fulfilled. The ultimate romantic scene of love, adoration, passion, drive and desire, can all be photographed by South Africa’s leading lens men. The Image Factor, responsible for this phenomenal type of creativity, carries a formidable reputation, which goes beyond the norms of photography, to create the most desirable wedding pictures.

Our art of perfection and beauty tends to reveal the ardent nature of the bride and groom taking the unification stance. The eyes of the beholder will be able to experience the overwhelming chemistry permeating through.

Come to us if you are searching for an album of intense elegance, class and intimacy. We will deliver your ultimate desire in photography…i take pictures…