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Thamendrie- The Bharatha Natayam Arrangetram.


Thamendri Govender started her classical dancing career in the year 1998 at a tender age of three. She commenced her first dance class at the resident of Mr Vadival Moonsamy and the late Mrs Meenatchi Moonsamy at Kenville and thereafter at the Sithi Vinayagar Temple. Her love for this Devine art of Bharatha Natyam has led to many successful performances.
She received the skilled tutelage of her Guru Nadanamamani Dhavendrie Vadival. Her first successful performance was at the Green Wood Park Temple Hall and this gave her the spiritual confidence. This performance was put together by the Natyanjali Academy of Dance. She was so inspired by her guru that she began to grow from strength to strength in committing herself with dedication.
Another performance she did extremely well; was when the Natyanjali Academy of Dance was invited to perform at the Durban City Hall. The occasion was to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Natal Tamil Vedic Society. She also participated at the Isitmela dance festival in Pietermaritzburg and at the Deepawali festival arranged by the EThekwini at the bay of plenty. Another performance was done at the 2010 soccer world cup. She also participated in many Eisteddfods.

Thamendri Govender comes from a strong cultural background and may Lord Nadaraja shower his richest blessing upon her.

19 January 2013

Umhlatuzana Civic Hall

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