Without Prejudice – Our Terms and Conditions of Sale:

  1. Thank you always, for your valued support, we would like to wish you a very warm welcome to The Image Factor (PTY) LTD, ” Africa’s Premier Graduation Photography Firm”.
  2. Please take a few moments to familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions. If you disagree either in whole or in part with any of the following contents of information, then it is advisable, with all due courtesy and respect for you to discontinue using this, our E- Commerce website.
  3. The term The Image Factor  (PTY) LTD or ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owner of the website.
  4. The term ‘you’ refers to the user or viewer of our E – Commerce website and the purchaser, customer, graduate and consumer of our digital images, email images or print images.
  5. In terms of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), The Image Factor (PTY) LTD, is a responsible South African service provider, that practices and ensures that our Company promotes a fair and non-biased business transaction between you our valued clients, the graduates, the parents and The Firm, The Image Factor (PTY) LTD.

About The Image Factor (PTY) LTD: Website

  1. The information / content which appears on our E- commerce website is provided and intended for the benefit of all existing, perspective, as well as all new customers / graduates.
  2. From time to time, the contents of the website along with some or all of the information contained within it may be subject to change at the discretion of The Image Factor (PTY) LTD, and we reserve the right to make such changes without any prior notification.
  3. We are unable to commit categorically and unequivocally as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the information and images found or offered on our website for any particular purpose.
  4. You are hereby advised to acknowledge the fact that notwithstanding our very best efforts, from time to time such information and images may contain certain inaccuracies, irregularities or errors and we ask of you to take heed of the same in advance.
  5. In such instances we expressly exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest possible extent that is legally permitted.
  6. Access, navigation and use of either whole or part of our website is done so entirely as a result of your own volition and free will. It shall therefore be incumbent on the user to ensure that any products, images or information that is available through The Image Factor (PTY) LTD E-commerce website meets fully with your own specific individual requirements.
  7.  Our E-commerce website contains digital images which is owned by, licensed or copyrighted to us.
  8. These images includes, but is not limited to, the design, layout, look, appearance and graphics.
  9. Any unauthorised reproduction either whole or in part is strictly forbidden.
  10. Any unauthorised use or violation of our E-commerce website constitutes a criminal offence which may well result to a legal claim being mounted on our behalf for damages, based on the South African Law.
  11. Your use of this website and any dispute arising out of such use of the website is subject to the Laws of South Africa.
  12. The Image Factor (PTY) LTD will gladly (replace, adjust colour correction, rectify our errors, refund the amount paid) on any printed image that we produce i.e.  (Graduation Photography, Wedding Photography, Video recording authored to DVD’s, Photo frames,  high quality photo prints), that may be found to be defective or if a customer is not entirely satisfied with the product / package (poor quality, out of focus image, package damaged in transit, DVD errors, damaged frame/ glass, damaged wedding album ) which is purchased by the customer / graduate and supplied by The Image Factor (PTY) LTD, within a period of 7 days upon delivery / collection of purchase.

Liability for Defects

  1. Should your order / graduation prints become damaged whilst in transit, whether the damage is visible or hidden, it must be reported immediately to the The Image Factor (PTY) LTD within 7 days.
  2. It is therefore important that all products are carefully examined and inspected upon arrival and receipt.
  3. Any courier , postage related damaged must also be reported to The Image Factor (PTY) LTD within 7 days of placing the order.
  4. Defective products returned to The Image Factor (PTY) LTD will be regarded as if they were in perfect quality and condition at the point of initial dispatch, as all of our products are subjected to meticulous quality assurance checks at the time they are packaged and prior to being dispatched to customers / graduates.
  5. In the case of faults or defects in any product that has been supplied, the graduate / customer shall not be entitled to reject the product unless such faults or defects are reported within 7 days of placing the order. Your statutory rights are not affected.
  6. The Image Factor (PTY) LTD, will not be held responsible for packages that may have been damaged whilst in the transit of a INDEPENDENT Courier Companies, sent on a collection request from any of our Studios, on behalf of the customer / graduate .
  7. The Image Factor (PTY) LTD, reserves the right NOT to award refunds on email images / Images on Compact Disk (CD), digital email images that are / will be sent to the computer of a graduate (as stipulated on the order form, and the invoice).
  8. Should a graduate NOT receive such digital EMAIL IMAGES as per order, experience a delay after the prescribed waiting period, then the onus is on the graduate to supply The Image Factor (PTY) LTD, with an alternate / new email address, whereby the mail marshall of the new respective email address does NOT BLOCK large files / images or spam.
  9. All refund / reimbursements will be guaranteed in the form of either an EFT, a CASH PAYMENT, a REVERSE PAYMENT to the respective customer’s Credit / Debit card.
  10. All refunds will include a deduction for an administration fee of 15% in the case of customers paying via online orders, pre orders, EFT orders, Credit / Debit card payments or payments on the day of the graduation.
  11. Graduates that have defective, damaged prints or digital images (CD / email) as listed above will have to ensure that the printed photographs / package is returned in it’s original packaging to The Image Factor (PTY) LTD. We reserve the right, not to commence work on rectifying or producing the new prints / sending new email images / saving to CD, without the defective original prints.
  12. The cost of returning the defective package (Postage / Courier) will be for the account of the graduate.
  13. The Image Factor (PTY) LTD, will be responsible for returning the amended / new package at our cost. The decision of a Courier or Postage delivery method, including the related costs will be at the sole discretion of the Management Team The Image Factor (PTY) LTD.
  14. In the event of a Website / E-Commerce malfunction, due to unforseen circumstances, The Image Factor (PTY) LTD reserves the right not to accept any of the transactions which may have been processed during the aforesaid malfunction period.
  15. All amounts paid via PAYFAST / THE PAYMENT PORTAL will be refunded after 30 Working Days or UNTIL such amounts reflect in the bank account of the site owner / The Image Factor (PTY) LTD.