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Lielen and Kavitha- The Wedding Story

I first met her Dad (Dr Lochan Naidoo) and her family, when I was assigned to cover the photography for the arrangetram of her baby sister, a few years ago. Lielan and Kavitha, whom are both based out of Johannesburg, exchanged traditional vows on the 13 April 2013. The ceremony was held at The popular Coastlands Umhalnga Hotel…We met for a pre creative shoot at her house in The Mount Edgecombe Country Estate.

Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.

Heres what they had to say:

Where did you first set eyes on him.

lielan and I first met in 2001(matric) at tuition sessions held at the University of Kwa-zulu Natal. We dated then for 3 months but that ended as he ended going to study at the University of Pretoria and me going to University of Cape Town. We had stayed associates communicating occasionally. Then in 2009 he and a group of friends were coming to Cape town for a visit, so we had decided a reunion would be great.

What was your first reaction when you met him.

I was immediately attracted to him, I still recall with such clarity the first time he held my hand. He seemed to have a gravitational force about him.

Did you think that you guys would someday marry each other?


Tell us what you love the most about him.

what I love the most about lielan: supportive, reliable, honest, fun, I’m free to be myself and he seems to bring out my better qualities.

How long had you been dating

We’ve been dating for 3.5yrs.

Where and when did he propose?

He proposed on a long weekend trip to Mpumalanga we had been sightseeing all day and our last stop was to see a waterfall, April 2012

Where was your first kiss?

Our first kiss was in 2001 at ukzn, whilst sitting outside the library

What did you eat on your first date?

Our first meal: old biscuit mill in Cape Town, we met for brunch, and had pancakes

What flavor of cake did you have at your wedding?

Three layers of cake: pistachio, red velvet, Lindt chocolate


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