Frequently Asked Questions

For queries on any of the below

Please contact us on 074 941 2569 or email the relevant email address:

Question. What are PRE-ORDERS?

Answer:  Pre-order is the process of ordering before the graduation day 

Question. How do I PRE-ORDER?

Answer: Complete order form;  Send both the completed order form AND proof of payment (proof of payment completes an order, if a order form is sent without proof of payment, your PRE-ORDER WILL NOT BE PROCESSED AND YOU WILL HAVE TO ORDER ON THE DAY OF GRADUATION BY COMPLETING AND ORDER FORM AGAIN) you will then receive a unique invoice for your order which you MUST BRING WITH YOU TO GRADUATION so that you can take your family photos

Q. Do I need to know the date and time of my Graduation?

A. In order to place your order you will need to enter the date and time of your graduation (ALL ONLINE / PRE ORDERS WILL CLOSE EXACTLY FIVE WORKING DAYS FROM THE START OF THE FIRST SESSION of your institution region). You may thereafter proceed to your graduation venue and order directly from our admin desk.

Q. I have lost my order form / invoice – what should I do?

A. Please contact us on 074 941 2569 or email with the name of your institution, Date of Graduation, time of your Graduation and your full name, we will issue you with a copy invoice. PLEASE BE REMINDED, THAT WE DO NOT ISSUE PACKAGES TO A THIRD PARTY, WITHOUT INVOICE (in terms of a copy invoice produced for collection) OF THE PERSON WHOSE NAME APPEARS ON THE INVOICE This is clearly specified under our Terms and Conditions, herein and on your invoice.

Q. Where are the portable studios located on graduation day?

A. We will be identifiable with signage on the day. We will ensure that there are signs from the gown hire to our studios AND our photography staff will be in attendance to assist.

Q. What time are the portable studios open?

A. We start taking pictures as soon as the gown hire personnel have opened and we generally finish about an hour after the last ceremony of the day. If in doubt, please check with our staff at the admininstration desk.

Q. Do I have to book a time?

A. Due to the nature of the day, it is impossible to offer a booking system. We operate on a first come first serve basis, so it is advisable to arrive early. If you pre-order you will avoid queuing for the admin and sales / cashiers desk. It tends to get busy just before and straight after ceremony. It also gets busy inbetween ceremonies held on the same day. If you intend to have family photographs taken as well as those of yourself, please make sure all your family is with you when you attend – they cannot be taken at different times.

Q. But how can I take my photos before receiving my certificate? 

A. We will provide you with a fake scroll to hold.

Q. Can I still pre-order my photographs?

A. Photographs may be pre-ordered up to 10 working days before the actual ceremony and (ALL ONLINE BOOKINGS CLOSE EXACTLY FIVE WORKING DAYS FROM THE START OF THE FIRST SESSION OF YOUR REGION), either by visiting the Durban based studio or online via this website.

Q. Can I pose for a photograph and not order?

A. All posed photographs must be ordered. All photographs that are ordered will strictly remain to the size and cost stipulated as per your institution graduation order form. We regret, smaller size photographs are only for purposes of reprints.

Q. Can I split the photograph package?

A. The packages are designed to give you value for money for your pictures (and also part of tender requirements by your institution), for this reason we cannot split the packages. For instance, if you order family photographs you cant have two different poses or different groupings. If you would like more than one pose/grouping, then you will need to order another set.

Q. If I need more photographs later on, can I still order them?

A. Yes, you can contact us and quote your invoice number or send us a copy of your invoice via email or our WhatsApp grad line and request a re-print form from us. If you have lost your invoice and don’t know your invoice number then please provide your Institution, Full name, Date of Graduation and Time of session so that we can locate your invoice number and order.

Q. I have already paid, but cannot attend the ceremony. What happens?

A. You can contact us to arrange a private Graduation Shoot in Studio, If you prefer, you can transfer your order to a future ceremony. You may call or WhatsApp 074 941 2569 or email

Q. How do I order my graduation photographs?

A. You may order online:, click on the graduation link or contact us directly.

Q. What is the maximum number of people allowed in a family group picture?

A. Due to space constraints we are only able to accommodate a maximum of 6 individuals in the family group.

Q. Studio Collection: Durban Head Office?

A. Durban Head Office: You may refer to your invoice for the collection date, street address and directions or on the “contact us” page: Should you be unsure or have misplaced your invoice please contact us for assistance. 

Q. Studio Collection: Cape Town Studio?

A. This is a satellite office and is only opened as specified on your invoice: Should you be unsure of the collection date or you have misplaced your invoice, please contact the studio.

Q. How long does it take for me to get my photographs?

A. You may collect from the local studio after +_30 working days or as specified in your invoice. 

Q. What are the Delivery charges?

A.National Courier service  ( door to door within South African Cities) @ R 150.00.

Q. What are your payment options?

A. We accept all credit and debit cards (only during graduation day) and your transaction will be cleared instantly. We also accept cash on the day of your Graduation.

For purposes of EFT / Direct bank deposits (COMPLETED ORDER FORM AND PROOF OF PAYMENT MUST BE EMAILED TO the appropriate institution email address

The Image Factor (PTY) LTD
Nedbank Limited ZA
(A) 1089 294 255 (B) Business KZN (B/C) 198765

Q. What are the sizes of the photographs that you offer?

A. This depends on your institution, kindly refer to your order form or on our order forms page pertinent to your year of graduation.

Q. What are the different types of poses of the photographs that you offer as part of your official stage packages?

A. This depends on your institution, kindly refer to your order form or on our website: The general official stage poses are: (Graduate at the Podium, OR Graduate capping if allowed by the institution, Graduate being congratulated, Graduated being hooded, Graduate single portrait, off stage). The single portrait will only not include your motar board if you are not a degree student, unless otherwise advised.

Q. Do you offer Family photographs and other group or single full-length photographs?

A. Yes indeed. You may have this taken up to two hours before your graduation ceremony (follow our sign posts) and after your graduation ceremony. Please be reminded that we are NOT ALLOWED to take family photographs whilst the ceremony is in progress. This is the regulation imposed on us for ALL universities / Colleges and it is imperative that we abide by same as per our contractual obligation with Institution concerned.

Q. I do not want to order your stage photography Packages, only family photographs.

A. You are under no obligation to purchase the official Stage photographs.

Q. What can I do if my eyes were closed in the photo?

A. Unfortunately, we cannot always open eyes. The eyes are too difficult to recreate and keep it looking natural. We apologise and regret the error. The only option for resolving the issue is to replace the order with a different pose. If you would like to proceed this way please contact customer service. We can try and re-create using another image, captured from the same day, however this will be regarded as a custom re-touching fee of R150.00 per image. 

Q. My image is too light or too dark. How can it be corrected?

A. The image online will be automatically colour corrected at the studio, to ensure proper skin tones. If your ordered photos came back and the image is still too light/dark to meet your satisfaction, then please contact our customer services.

Q. I have a stray hair in my photo. Are you able to remove this?

A. We offer custom retouching options. Please keep in mind that if the majority of the face is covered we will only be able to make the correction if there is a clear shot of the graduate’s face also available. We will need a reference to remake the parts of the face that are covered by the stray hair. However this will be regarded as a custom retouching fee of R150.00 per image.

Q. What can I do if there is someone in the background of my picture that I would like to remove?

A. We offer custom during the ordering process. Please note that we can remove a few people from the background of almost any picture, but we cannot remove the entire background if the photo was shot in front of a crowd. However this will be regarded as a custom retouching fee of R150.00 per image. Please contact customer service for options.

Q. My face appears shiny in the photograph. Can anything be done?

A. We offer custom retouching during the ordering process. If the shine is too extensive the photo would most likely be considered over exposed. Over exposure cannot be corrected. However this will be regarded as a custom retouching fee of R150.00 per image. Please contact customer service for options.

Q. Can the shadow in my photo be removed?

A. We offer custom retouching options online and over the phone during the ordering process. Please note shadow removal is mainly used to remove shadows from behind the graduate. If the graduation took place outside and the sun is causing shadows on the graduate’s face or clothing we often cannot remove those shadows. Please contact customer service before you order the shadow removal if you are not sure whether or not it can be fixed. However this will be regarded as a custom retouching fee of R150.00 per image. 

Refund Policy / Unsuccessful photographs and/or digital images requesting a refund, must be returned to our studio within 30 days, and must fulfil either of the following criteria list below:

An accompanying letter outlining in detail the reason for the request of refund must be included with the returned photographs and/or digital images.  Please also include daytime contact numbers and preferred method of refund (either cheque or credit card).

All costs incurred, by the customer in returning their photographs and/or digital images to our studio are non-refundable. This includes return packaging, travel, courier or other expenses.

Our maximum liability for any photographs and/or digital images deemed unsuccessful for any reason will not exceed the amount paid by the customer at the time of ordering their photographs and/or digital image.

Q.  Is your online store secure and accurate?
Every effort is made to provide information that is accurate. However, information contained in this web site are subject to change at any time by the site owner / THE IMAGE FACTOR (PTY) LTD or the Publisher. In the event of a website malfunction, due to unforseen circumstances, THE IMAGE FACTOR (PTY) LTD reserves the right not to accept any of the transactions which may have been processed during the said malfunction period. All amounts paid via PAYFAST / THE PAYMENT PORTAL will be refunded after 30 working days or when such amounts reflect in the bank account of the site owner / THE FACTOR (PTY) LTD. Copyright in this website rests with the site owner unless otherwise indicated.