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Gengan (Ravi) and Bavani – Our Wedding Story

If I could have just one wish,
I would wish to wake up everyday
to the sound of your breath on my neck,
the warmth of your lips on my cheek,
the touch of your fingers on my skin,
and the feel of your heart beating with mine…
Knowing that I could never find that feeling
with anyone other than you.

Gengan Govender (Ravi) and Dr Bavani Pillay, of Gauteng recently took the plunge and tied the traditional knot (Thali). The Tamil ceremony was celebrated at the popular Imbizo Conference Centre, Sibaya Casino. Family and special guests witnessed the nuptials go through their vows on the 23 March 2014. Recorded speeches, personailzed musical CD’s were all part of their special day, “the day they showed the world their love for each other.”

Where did you first set eyes on him?

Our relationship started through an introduction. Our first date was when we first met in person.

What was your first reaction when you met him?

Every first meeting is filled with anxiety, shyness and the feeling of butterflies in ones stomach. My first meeting with Ravi was no different.  But, I think I held my composure and expressed my joy openly that we had finally met.

Did you think that you guys would someday marry each other?

I initially entered the relationship with no pre-conceived notions.  What started off as a friendship, quickly (yet steadily) grew into love. As time passed by, it became evident that we would one day be united as ‘Husband & Wife’.

Tell us what you love the most about him.

What isn’t there to love about him?  He is truly an amazing man….. kind, loving and generous.  His selfless nature, caring spirit, romantic ideals and humorous ways are just but a few of the qualities that I love about Ravi.  But, if I had to choose one thing, I would say that would be the show of his un-dying love and affection for me.

How did you meet?

Both Ravi and I have demanding professional careers that had left us little time to have met our soul mates. That’s when Alan (Ravi’s close friend and my close cousin) entered the picture.  His ‘Cupid’ matchmaking instinct took over and he thought that the two of us should meet and see where that would lead to.  We all know today that his instinct was indeed destiny.

How long had you been dating?

Almost a year.

Where and when did he propose?

December 2013 was the day that I had been dreaming off for a long time.  We were holidaying in Mauritius.  It was a typical hot tropical summer’s night and we had just finished having a romantic dinner at the hotel.  We decided that it was still early in the evening and took a walk down to the pool area alongside the beach.  Ravi totally took me by surprise when he went down on one knee and popped the question. 

When did you get engaged?

The moment he put the ring on my finger in Mauritius, I considered myself to be engaged to be married to the love of my life. However, the traditional engagement involving both families, took place at the beginning of February 2014.

What was your first fight about?

 Hmmmm ….. Before marrying and settling down together, Ravi lived in Pretoria and I in Sasolburg in the Free State (2 separate provinces).  It wasn’t very easy for us to spend as much time together as we would have liked to.  Not being able to spend every minute together for one or other reason (be it work commitments or the logistics of where we lived individually at that time) led to our first ‘disagreement’. But it was immediately resolved through mutual understanding of our then circumstances.  In the end – the ‘fight’ only made us realize that absence does indeed ‘Make the heart grow fonder’ and brought us even closer together.

Where was your first kiss?

One’s first kiss is always the most memorable one.  I vividly remember that evening.  It was the first time that I had prepared supper at my place for the both of us.  The evening continued with us sitting down to a romantic movie.  Maybe it was the movie, or maybe it was the feeling inside – but the moment seemed so perfect.  He leaned over midway through the movie and lay a gentle kiss on my lips….a moment to treasure for the rest of my life.

When did you first know you were in love?

As I got to know Ravi better as time went on, I found myself constantly ‘day dreaming’ and ‘staring off into space’ with a huge smile on my face for no apparent reason. People around me started noticing this change in me and often asked what I was smiling about. Then only did it become so clear to me …… I was in love …… and that too, with such an amazing man.

What did your spouse get you for your first Christmas as a couple?

There were times when we had to often be apart from each other, especially due to work commitments in our separate towns of residence.  Ravi decided that he could not bear not seeing me for even one day – exactly how I felt as well.  The IPad that he got me for Christmas was used to video skype each other every time that we were apart for a day or more.  With this gift, we were but a click away from seeing each other.

Who said “I love you” first?

He did ….. The same night of our first kiss 🙂

What did you eat on your first date?

Our first date was out at a restaurant situated on the banks of the Vaal River.  The meal wasn’t the highlight of the evening – it was rather each other’s company.  However, if memory serves me right, I had one of my favorites-grilled lamb chops with roasted vegetables and he had one of his favorites – chicken stir fry.

What flavour of cake did you have at your wedding?

Our wedding cake was a three tiered traditional fruit cake.  Being the sentimental type of person that I am, I wanted to (and have) one tier of the cake saved for our 1 year wedding anniversary. 


































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  1. Rani Naidoo says:

    Bavani & Ravi Govender Marvelous Pictures, Stunning couple. May your marriage be long and everlasting.

  2. Pravani Pillay says:

    Fairly tale wedding, the pictures are stunning as you guys are:-) Love you

  3. Nisha Ajoodha says:

    To an awesome couple, may your marriage always be blessed.
    May your love grow from strength to strength !

  4. Vanessa Moodley says:

    Beautiful story… May you guys always be happy and fulfilled. Enjoy the journey. Lots of love

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