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Dhayalan and Ashantha- their Wedding Story

Well this must be said… that I have been associated with the brides family for almost four decades, from my neighbourhood (Silverglen) growing up. I have covered their graduation ceremonies and now the most important day of their lives “The wedding Story.” 

Dhayalan and Ashantha both professional practioners in their respective field of work, decided to show the world, their love for each.

The traditonal and sophisticated Hindu ceremony (with a strong presence of Shri Satya Sai Baba) was held at the popular and stylish venue on Durban’s golden mile, at The Elangani Hotel (The great Elanga).

I covered a pre shoot on the pool terrace of the Hotel, amongst the many Hotel guests. I have to admit the emotions were running really high during their first sight of each other, on the wedding day…….”tears of love, it so often said”.

Watch this post, the other part of their love story is to follow:

anand…i take pictures…

Where did you first set eyes on him?

It was a rainy afternoon when I discovered that one of my car tyres was punctured.  I drove to Superquick (the tire fitment centre in Woodhurst) to have my tyre assessed and repaired.  Dhayalan was also there sorting out his wheel alignment.

My father actually advised me to go to Superquick and referred me to the owner of the centre.  Dhayalan overhead my conversation with the Receptionist, and introduced himself to me.


What was your first reaction when you met him?

Given the circumstances around my punctured tyre and the fact that I was the only female there, I was very anxious at the prospect of the Super-quick staff not sorting out my problem efficiently.

To be honest, I was slightly irritated that he came to speak to me as it distracted my attention from what the attendant was doing to my car on the ramp.

I remember his innocent face, his hair without gel…and I soon realized he was just being polite and helping me pass time.

It was only when he mentioned to me that he was my father’s patient and that we actually had a lot of mutual friends that I began to take more interest in the conversation.  Our paths had actually crossed so many times during childhood and we had similar experiences.  We chatted for a long time not realizing that our cars had been sorted out.  He asked me out for coffee and we said our goodbyes.

Did you think that you guys would someday marry each other?

Not at that point! 

Tell us what you love the most about him?

His sensitive soul and his ability to make me laugh

How did you meet?

After our initial meeting at Superquick, we didn’t run into each other.  It was about 3 weeks later that he pitched up at King Edward VIII hospital (where I was a Paediatric intern)…He coincidentally ran into one of my friends who escorted him to my ward.  I was so surprised to hear his reason for the visit: he remembered that I worked in Paediatrics and wanted to give my patients chocolates to commemorate his upcoming birthday.  He wanted me to help him make the arrangements and so asked for my phone number…I was impressed by his generosity but naturally didn’t succumb to his charms easily….I gave him the ward telephone number instead!! After much persuading, I did relent…..

He did fulfill his promise and duly brought my little friends chocolates on his birthday.  After several long conversations on the phone, we eventually went out for coffee.

How long had you been dating?

We were friends for a few months after that, and began dating later that year.  We dated for about 9 years before we decided to talk about marriage.

Where did he propose?

It was a beautiful star lit night at the Beverley Hills hotel. He proposed to me at the lighthouse overlooking the ocean.

What was your first fight about?

I don’t honestly remember!  We fought a lot though but it was usually over silly things

Where was your first kiss?

He brought me supper when I was on call in King Edward, and our first kiss happened in the corridor when he was saying goodbye.

When did you first know you were in love?

It was a few months after we began dating, that my puppy passed away.  Dhayalan tried everything in his power to bring me out of my “depression” and to make me smile.  He wrote his first love letter to me then, and gave me a Swarovski crystal fashioned into a model of the Globe. 

What did your spouse get you for your first Christmas as a couple?

A much sought after handbag. (need-less to say, I still have the card and even the Gift Bag in safe keeping!)

Who said “I love you” first?

Dhayalan said it first but when he did I knew I felt the same!

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